Tortoise on the Move

November 24, 2014

New Zealand: Realtime Roundup

Milford Sound

On November 28, I traveled to New Zealand for a 10-day whirlwind adventure. Full disclosure: I had no clue how much there was to see and do when I originally booked a ten day trip to NZ. Turns out that’s barely enough time to explore even part of the North or South Island, much less both of them! However, I was determined to take advantage of every second, and this post was my way of sharing it with all of you.
While it might have been easier (and possibly smarter) to spend the short time I had on each of NZ’s islands in just one or two cities, the trip I ended up “planning” was more of a Highlights of New Zealand route – shorter visits to more locations.
With that said, as my travel buddy Steph and I made our way through New Zealand, I updated this post with details about what we did, where we stayed, the route we ended up taking, and anything else along the way. It was definitely a new thing for me to keep more of a daily journal of our experiences rather than hindsight posts, but it was fun to go through our highs and lows at the end of each day and think about where the next day would take us. Enjoy!




November 21, 2014

Gallery: Great Ocean Road and Grampians National Park

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience. – Francis Bacon

Some shots from the second half of my spring holiday in October. Enjoy!


November 20, 2014

Gallery: Turkey

City Wall

If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul. – Alphonse de Lamartine

These are just a few of my favorite images from my first international trip to Turkey in July 2011. To this day, Istanbul is still my favorite city in the world. My adventures and experiences as an archaeology student paved the way for the rest of my travels in college and continue to inspire me in my current travels.  Turkey is a beautiful country with amazing culture and history, and I can’t recommend visiting enough!


November 4, 2014

Weekend Series: A Weekend Well Spent in Sydney

North Sydney Olympic Pool
Breakfast in Double Bay

Breakfast in Double Bay

On Friday night, I boarded a Murray’s bus for the third time in nearly a week to head back to Sydney. Stacey and I had a busy weekend planned – she hadn’t yet spent a weekend in the greatest city in Australia, and there were still some major sites for me to check off from the ol’ bucket list. Over the weekend, we were fortunate enough to find accommodations in Double Bay, courtesy of a friend’s aunt. We originally planned on using the Couchsurfing app to find a place to stay, but we were unable to find a host in time over Halloween weekend. Having breakfast on a balcony that overlooked Double Bay more than made up for it though.