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Destination: Australia

  • Guest Post: Canberra’s Best Hikes

    Guest post by my friend (and au pair extraordinaire) Stacey Lamore. I met Stacey while living in Australia, and she is currently working in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

    Camels Hump

    Camels Hump

    Canberra: The place I have called home for the past 12 months. Australia’s capital and largest inland city.. yup, thats right: inland. No beaches here. Not only that, but it even occasionally gets below zero degrees here. I know what you are thinking: “BUT ITS AUSTRALIA?!” ….and all I have to say is, “But it’s CANBERRA!” A lot of people don’t like Canberra – they say there’s nothing to do, there’s nothing to see, don’t waste your time. Many people asked, and continue to ask, “Why Canberra?”

    Look on the bright side! When I say that, I mean literally. Without fail, Canberra skies light up EVERY night with incredible sunsets unlike any other place I’ve seen. Also, it’s not so deadly hot that all you want to do is.. well, nothing. You can actually go on a hike without dying from the heat, most of the time. Speaking of hikes… Living inland in a valley has its perks! SOO many different hikes to choose from – and I’d like to share a few with you! Continue reading →

  • Surfing in Byron Bay

    *from June 17, 2015

    Me, like an awkward baby giraffe, but significantly less cute

    Me, like an awkward baby giraffe, but significantly less cute

    You guys didn’t think I’d spend a year in Australia and not try surfing, did you? OK, maybe those of you who know how scared of sharks I am might have thought that, but I did it anyway! Katie had heard from a friend that Byron Bay was a really cool town, and since I hadn’t been yet, it was the perfect place to end the “road trip” portion of our East Coast adventure before flying to Sydney. Facing another poor weather forecast, we took our chances and booked a morning class with Byron Bay Surf School. Against the odds, we lucked out and had a cloudy morning with no rain. Our instructor’s name was Simon. He was from Victoria and had THE BEST Australian accent I’ve heard this entire year. We wiggled into our wetsuits and hit the beach. Continue reading →

  • 2 Days of Sailing the Whitsundays
    Airlie Beach

    Airlie Beach

    While spending the night on a sailboat wasn’t on my bucket list before I came to Australia, I added it and checked it off anyway. After touring our way around Cairns and making a quick stop in Townsville for one rainy night and morning, Katie and I parked ourselves in Airlie Beach the day before our sailing adventure. Airlie was gorgeous – the hills rolled all the way down to the ocean and beautiful sailboats decorated the marina. We did most of our exploring on foot during an afternoon run to shake off the morning road trip and then hiked most of the way up Mount Whitsunday, an incline not for the faint of heart but with first class views. Continue reading →

  • Becoming a PADI Diver at the Great Barrier Reef
    maori wrasse

    Maori Wrasse / Photo: Deep Sea Divers Den

    Back in Western Australia, I met Anja, a former-au pair from Germany who worked at a dive shop for part of her time in Australia. We were meant to go snorkeling with whale sharks in Exmouth before our boat was cancelled due to high winds. But out of that unlucky day came a very lucky friendship and just the amount of peer pressure I needed to sign up for a PADI dive course. With a slightly limited schedule for the rest of my travels in Australia, my course schedule was not conventional – but when there’s a will there’s a way. I took the knowledge portion of the course through an e-Learning platform while I was still an au pair on the Sunshine Coast. Then I found the final three days I needed through Deep Sea Divers Den: 1 day of pool training and 2 days of open water dives on a live-aboard dive boat. Continue reading →

  • Gallery: Western Australia
    “You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world.” – William Hazlitt
    These photos were taken during a weekend in Fremantle and Perth and a subsequent tour to Exmouth with Red Earth Safaris, May 6-17, 2015. Read all about my Western Australia adventure here and my favorite spots here.

    Continue reading →

  • Real Time Roundup: Western Australia


    On May 6th, I flew to Perth to kick off two weeks in Western Australia. After my amazing tour experience in the Northern Territory, I decided to book an 8-day round trip tour between Perth and Exmouth. That journey began on May 11 after four days of exploring Perth and Fremantle. Throughout the trip, I posted (sort of) regular updates when I had cell service. As always, thank you for joining me on this adventure and I hope you enjoy following along! Additional posts and galleries coming soon! Continue reading →

  • Gallery: All Around Noosa

    “Voyage, travel, and change of place impart vigor.” – Seneca

    Photos from Noosa National Park, Sunshine Beach, Eumundi Markets, and Noosa Farmers Market Continue reading →

  • A Weekend in Noosa
    Noosa National Park Coastal Walk

    Noosa National Park Coastal Walk

    Over the weekend, I took a short but sweet holiday to Noosa, just forty minutes north of my home in Bli Bli. I’ve been to Noosa a few times before but only for the day, so this time I booked a hostel to stay a while longer. For anyone living or traveling along the Sunshine Coast, Noosa is a definitely worth exploring. Here’s what I got up to this weekend… Continue reading →


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