Tortoise on the Move

May 30, 2015

21 Thoughts on 21 Days (Left) in Australia


  In three weeks, I’ll be leaving Australia. I can hardly believe it. I feel like it was just last week that I wrote 21 Thoughts on 21 Days in Australia, three weeks after I arrived. It’s been a rollercoaster year – and it’s definitely been a ride I’d get in line for again. My last 21 days will be anything but boring. I’m heading down to Canberra to say my goodbyes there, stopping in Sydney for a quick overnight to see the Vivid Festival, and then heading to Cairns to become certified as a PADI Open Water Diver… and that’s all before Friday. On Friday, I’ll be joined in Cairns by Katie, a club swimming friend I’ve known for almost ten years. We’ll road trip down the East Coast of Oz before jetting off to Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks. After months of planning, our big adventure is just around the corner. But before all that, I wanted to give you 21 more reflections in light of my last 21 days in Australia (for now).


January 18, 2015

The Barossa for 4 Types of Travelers

Mengler's Hill

For two weeks, I lived in the small Barossa town of Williamstown, South Australia. While my time in South Australia was short, it was certainly not without some crazy weather. When I arrived, my host family was in the process of evacuating themselves and their horses from a nearby bushfire in the Adelaide Hills that burnt over 13,000 hectares of land. Within days, the weather shifted to rain… and lots of it. From one extreme to another, I got the full South Australia climate experience.

Despite the absolutely nutty weather conditions, my host family was still able to show me many of the great sights (and tastes) of the area. While seemingly overlooked by many travelers, the Barossa Valley and the surrounding area has something for everyone.