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Why Work With Tortoise on the Move?

I like to think of travel blogs as online billboards. Since people go to travel blogs for inspiration and recommendations, bloggers provide a more personal and honest way to find information about a city, country, itinerary, or tour. Personally, many of my destination choices in Australia and for my upcoming summer trip to Southeast Asia have been greatly influenced by a number of travel blogs. I love writing and photography and have a unique set of followers on each of my social media outlets. I love the travel planning process, sharing my adventures along the way, and discussing what I thought about them in hindsight. I started this blog to give my friends and family the best possible look into my travels, and that same well-rounded coverage is why I continue to reference fellow travel bloggers in my own planning and travels.

How Can We Work Together?

Since I began traveling as a college student in 2011, I’ve visited a diverse range of countries. Before graduating in May 2014, I caught the travel bug exploring the historic streets of Istanbul, indulged my foodie side in Italy, and hiked to the peak of Mt. Machu Picchu in Peru. In June 2014, I made the spontaneous decision to move to Australia for a year as an au pair. Since arriving, I’ve visited 5 of the 7 Australian states with plans to visit the remaining two (Northern Territory and Western Australia) in the coming months. I’ve also spent two weeks road tripping through the rolling hills of New Zealand.

While I don’t claim to be a hardcore “budget traveler,” I usually opt for less expensive options in my travels (i.e. hostels over hotels). I love to plan my own trips but I’m also a big fan of taking a backseat with planning on tours. At the end of the day, as long as I’m on the move, I’m happy to enjoy the ride. On my blog, I’ve shared trip recaps, top 5 lists, and real time rundowns. I also create galleries from photos I take along the way.

Upcoming Adventures

My ultimate bucket list for the next few months includes the following:

May 2015: Bali (Ubud, specifically) and Western Australia

June 2015: Road tripping the East Coast of Oz (Cairns to Byron Bay; Sydney)

June/July 2015 (3 weeks): Southeast Asia, based in Thailand with weekend trips to Cambodia and Laos

I am open to discussing partnerships with travel-based companies covering the above areas (or anywhere else in the world!). I’d love to promote your brand during my adventures and provide even more information to my readers and followers.

How Can I Promote Your Brand?

Ideas for potential partnerships include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Accommodation reviews (hotels and hostels)
  • Foodie experiences (restaurant reviews, local cooking classes)
  • Transportation partners
  • Cultural activities and experiences
  • Ecotourism adventures
  • Adventure sports
  • Day trips and/or multi-day tours

As a brand partner, I can offer a number of things involved in covering the experience. I can use my active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Trover to cover the experience before, during, and after. I can produce photo content with the use of a Canon 60D, GoPro Hero3, and an iPhone 5s. I edit all gallery images using Lightroom. Check out my feature on Trover for more images from my travels.

Interested in partnering with Tortoise on the Move? Please email me at to learn more about me, my blog, and possible partnerships.

Keep traveling!


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    April 24, 2015

    Very clever grasshopper… You will be a life long professional traveler in no time. Love Dad.

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